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Torch™ RS (Rocanville Standard™) is a multi-chloride granular deicer containing sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium chlorides. These chlorides combined with extremely low insolubles, produce an active chloride level between 99.3% - 99.6%.

The combination of the chlorides and the high purity of the product, allow the product to perform longer and at lower temperatures than common road salts. Torch™ RS is a mined product with a hard crystal that provides instant traction.TorchRS

Torch™ RS is a kiln dried product, which enables the product to flow easily in application equipment and eliminate bridging. Torch™ RS is produced to enhance the melting process with fines to aid in a quick burn and larger gradations for longer performance. The gradation of the larger granules have been reduced to limit the loss of material off the side of the road.

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