NUVO - Next Generation Crack Sealant

The Cadillac of crack sealants. NUVO is a polymer modified hot-pour asphalt crack and joint sealant developed with the client's happiness in mind. Faster setup times, direct-fire compatibility, and self-leveling are just a few of the NUVO series' features. Contact GMCO or Clint Peterson today through email or phone for even more information on how NUVO can be your ultimate solution for sealants.

NUVO Elite

Made from some of the finest raw materials, the Elite series is flexible, quick melting, and fast-setting. Created with a low viscosity for maximum penetration into every crack and joint you need to bind, NUVO Elite products are perfect for highways, county roads, municipal streets, parking lots, airports and pathways.


An all-purpose sealant for your all-purpose roads. Created with a low to medium viscosity to make application smooth, quick, and easy. Highly durable in cold to very hot climates, this line of NUVO sealants sets up best in hot temperatures, perfect for finish the job under the summer's sunny skies.

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