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Dust Control

When it's dry and dusty, stretch your maintenance dollars, reduce traffic concerns, and increase health and safety.

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Granular Deicers

Each storm has unique challenges that require unique solutions. From bulk sodium or designer ice melt, we have a solution for you.

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Animal Nutrition

Because your animals health is important to us, at GMCO, we search for unique minerals in the purest, most all-natural form.

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Road Maintenance

Whether you need to crack seal a parking lot, or are a city planning to chip seal a road, we have what you need.

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Oil & Gas Industry

In addition to our dust control services, we offer a customizable line of clay stabilizers & cementing salts for your downhole needs.

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Deicing Treatments

GMCO Corporation offers a full line of liquid and granular de-icing materials designed to keep your roads clear and safe.

GMCO Truck on a dirt road.
GMCO Truck on a dirt road.

Sustainability and Safety is one of our TOP Priorities

To us, road maintenance is not just about the products and equipment – it is about the safety, health, and well-being of the folks traveling on the roads we maintain. By providing superior road maintenance and dust control products paired with exceptional customer service, we know we are doing our part to ensure safe winter journeys; and healthier, dust-free dirt roads.


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