Waterproofing example by showing water droplet bouncing off of floor
Waterproof dark wood surface with water droplets on surface
Picture of Grey stone flooring tile

Concrete Treatments from GMCO

Foxfire GMCO List of surfaces

GMCO Is proud to provide our clients with Foxfire's line of solutions for concrete, wood, and masonry projects both old and new. From Matrix Pro line of sealants to seal and protect your finished concrete and stone projects, to the 5000 WB Water Repellent line, you are bound to find a product line that will make your concrete and stone projects last as long as they can while giving them a beautiful look and finish. 

From parking lots to poolside, we have you covered. Our line of concrete treatments work from the inside out, creating strong bonds from internal chemical reactions once they are applied, and go in as deep as four inches into your concrete or stone projects, depending on the original density. These lines of products help prevent and protect any further damage from:

  • Corrosion of Steel
  • Carbonation
  • Alkali - Silica Reaction
  • Freeze Thaw Expansion and Cracking

And more. Learn more about our line of concrete treatment products below, or contact us at 1-800-244-2148 today to figure out which line of products is right for your project!