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IntegriBlend M

IntegriBlend M liquid magnesium chloride is a 100% natural product with almost no carbon footprint created using minerals from Utah’s Great Salt Lake. The product is created through a two-year process beginning with ponds flooded with water from the Great Salt Lake. The water is then evaporated using solar power to harvest salt and potash. The magnesium chloride left after the evaporation is then pumped under the lake in an open trench and stored until use.  

How does it work?

IntegriBlend liquid magnesium chloride is naturally hydroscopic, meaning it attracts moisture from the air keeping the ground moist to control dust. IntegriBlend also has an ionic attraction to plastic materials in the soils binding them together so the product stays on the road and not on the shoulder or ditch. 


Why use IntegriBlend?

Environmental and health benefits

IntegriBlend liquid magnesium chloride controls dust and prevents it from circulating in the air creating a safer and healthier breathing environment for people and animals near the road. Reducing airborne dust decreases the chance for respiratory problems for children and the elderly, and prevents stunted growth in plants and livestock due to dusty air.

Cost saving benefits

Using IntegriBlend to maintain dirt roads saves money over time.  By binding the soil together and controlling dust, road materials stay on the road’s surface where they belong reducing the need for gravel replacement. Studies have shown that counties using IntegriBlend as part of their maintenance program reduced their gravel replacement costs by 60%. IntegriBlend can also reduce the time spent maintaining roads, often reducing blading and rolling from once per week down to twice a summer.  IntegriBlend is also a very forgiving and flexible material.  Potholes, wash boarding and other surface problems can often be smoothed with IntegriBlend when the road is wet without additional applications.

How is IntegriBlend applied?

Follow these steps when applying IntegriBlend liquid magnesium chloride:

• Before applying IntegriBlend, eliminate ruts, washboards, potholes, drainage problems, gravel segregation, and hard impervious areas. Blading will resolve most of these problems. 

• Water the road to a depth of three to four inches to break surface tension and allow maximum penetration of the product. 

• The recommended measurement is a half a gallon per square yard split into two quarter-gallon applications. Lower application rates may be used in some cases.

• Prior to treatment, the road can be compacted with a vibratory roller, or compacted with a pneumatic roller after the application. This will help to restore a dense driving surface.

Where can IntegriBlend be used?

IntegriBlend is the perfect tool for stabilizing any dirt or gravel surface. GMCO Corporation has successfully applied IntegriBlend to public and private gravel roads, recycled asphalt roads, parking lots, drilling pads, residential driveways, mine haul roads, agricultural access roads, and horse arenas.  We’ve served the National Forest Service, various state parks, and military bases.  No job is too big or too small for IntegriBlend®!