Torch Z
Winter Road

Torch Z



TORCH™Z liquid magnesium chloride is a natural, environmentally friendly de-icer made from 100% natural minerals from Utah’s Great Salt Lake.  TORCH™Z provides exceptional anti-icing and de-icing for winter’s toughest conditions, and it’s safe for use on both asphalt and mature concrete pavements.  Versatile and abundant, TORCH™Z is a best choice for safe and economical winter road maintenance. 

Parking Lot

Apply TORCH™Z directly to the road for anti-icing and de-icing during a winter storm event, or as a pre-wetting agent for both sand and granular de-icers.  TORCH™Z is available in truckload quantities (4500 gallons) to both private and public entities from GMCO Corporation, or in smaller quantities from one of our certified dealers. 

Trust TORCH™Z liquid magnesium chloride and GMCO Corporation for your toughest winter road maintenance needs.