GMCO is proud to provide our clients with Maxwell's line of crack and joint sealants. Prevent further damage to your roads and paved surfaces with a flexible, durable, and cost effective solution, all without giving up on quality. These products will withstand even the toughest conditions, from your everyday parking lots to high-usage highways. Their outstanding elasticity properties means these solutions are built to last, allowing you to save money on your road maintenance and keep it looking good for years to come.


The Elastoflex 600 series was designed to excel in demanding applications such as parking lots, city streets, and other areas where sealants are expected to set up quickly and resist tracking.


Nuvo hot-pour asphalt crack and concrete joint sealants have been formulated with superior performance and customer satisfaction in mind. With features like PolySkin™ packaging, inteliBond™ technology, superior crack penetration, quick setup times, wide application temperature ranges, and fast melt times, Nuvo is the Cadillac™ of crack sealants. Instead of focusing on standard specifications, Nuvo focuses on performance, longevity, and ease of use.


GAP-Mastic™ solves a wide array of pavement maintenance problems quickly and permanently. It is an economical and versatile, asphalt-based, hot-pour solution for wide cracks, cupping, depressions, alligatored areas, small potholes, open seams, and more. Designed to handle traffic, snowplows, water, weather, and pedestrian travel so well, it’s easy to forget a problem ever existed.