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Winter maintenance for commercial parking lots is a tough business. Customers expect their parking lots to be deiced and ready for business no matter what the conditions. 

TORCH™ SD Bagged Granular Deicer is formulated to perform in the toughest conditions. 

TORCH™ SD Bagged Granular Deicer is a multi-chloride product containing sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium chlorides. 

This combination of 99.3% - 99.6% chlorides and extremely low level of insolubles make TORCH™ SD a professional grade bagged rock salt for all commercial and private needs. TORCH™ SD Bagged Deicing Salt is a mined product with a hard crystal that is also kiln dried producing a product that flows well, resists bridging and gives instant traction


Available for pick-up or delivery to any state in 50 lb bags.